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Honda Car Radio Code

Honda Car Radio Code

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Serial number (must not start with 4!):

Email (your code will be sent to you here):

The unlock code for your Honda car radio will allow you to unlock your car radio immediately after entering it. Place your order and receive your Honda car radio code within few hours.
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How to get my Honda Car Radio Code?

To receive your Honda car radio unlock code, you need to provide us with the radio's serial number.

The serial number for your Honda car radio is located on a sticker on the side of the car radio and is composed of 8 characters.

For example: BG028468.

With this serial number, we will be able to retrieve your car radio code.

With certain Honda car radio models, the serial number is displayed directly on the screen by pressing the 1, 6, and ON buttons simultaneously.

Therefore, you won't always need to remove the car radio from the car's dashboard.

Please note that if the serial number starts with the digit 4, unfortunately, your code cannot be retrieved. We recommend visiting your dealership to see if they can assist you.

Generate your Honda Car Radio Code

After finding the serial number of your Honda car radio, all you have to do is place your order to generate your Honda radio code. You will receive your Honda car radio code via email within a few minutes.

Last Step: Enter your Honda car radio code

Once you've received your Honda car radio code, enter it directly into the radio.

To enter your code, use keys 1 to 6. If nothing appears on the screen, continue entering your code, and your radio will unlock automatically.


When will I receive my Honda car radio code?

Your Honda car radio code will be sent to you on your email adress within a few hours. If you encounter an issue, you can contact us at

How to enter my code?

To enter your Honda car radio code, use keys 1 to 6. On some models, nothing will appear on the screen while entering the code; you must enter the code blindly, and the car radio will unlock if the code is correct.

For what models can you find the code?

We can retrieve the radio code for most Honda car models:
Honda Jazz
Honda Insight
Honda Civic 2004
Honda Accord
Honda CR-V 2005
Honda CR-V 2006
Honda CR-V 2009
Honda Fit
Honda Accord 1997
Honda Accord 2007
Honda Accord 2008
Honda Civic 2010
Honda Fit 2008
Honda Fit 2007
Honda Insight 2010
Honda Pilot
Honda CR-V 2015
Honda Jazz 2011
Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey 1999
Honda Accord 1996
Honda Accord 1995
Honda Civic 1994
Honda Odyssey 1996
Honda Accord 1999
Honda Civic 1997
Honda Accord 1999
Honda 2008
Honda 2006
Honda 2003
Honda 2004
Honda 2009
Honda 2010
Honda Civic 2008
Honda accord 2009
Honda 2014
Honda pilot 2003

How to get a free Honda car radio code ?

To obtain your Honda car radio code for free, you can always try asking your dealer for their rates. Some may offer to retrieve your Honda car radio code for free, but most of the time, a high fee is required. By ordering from us, you can get your Honda car radio code directly without having to go anywhere and at an affordable price.

Why is my Honda car radio locked?

If your Honda car radio is locked, it's likely due to a battery replacement or when it has been discharged. Your car radio is equipped with an anti-theft system designed to prevent potential thieves from using it. Unfortunately, this system actually works against car owners who may not always be aware of their car radio code. When you purchase a vehicle or a used car radio, be sure to ask the seller for the car radio code to be prepared for this unexpected situation.

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